lets play a game of porn or doctor who

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this year i was

  • trash

next year i hope to be

  • hella trash
  • possibly a trash king ?
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  • Allen: Hey look here's a change. *I* got a flier from a college
  • Me: Oh wow.
  • Allen: ...but you got three.
  • Me: God dammit.
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do you ever cry because luke smith

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make me choose between:


  • two ships
  • two characters
  • two fandoms
  • two anything at all
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Toph Tuesday!


Toph is approved! Royal House Bei Fong, Lord of Melons, Ruler of Earth, Supreme Metalbender, Team Avatar, titles titles

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"If I could just ask you to write down your names and dates of birth and put them in the box here."
"Do we have to?"
"Everyone has to. It’s part of the show, an essential part of the show."

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"We are a gang, a team. We rely on each other. We would never hurt each other."

Secrets of the Stars & The Curse of Clyde Langer

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"Or perhaps doing your homework?"
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Sarah Jane Adventures Series 1 Finale In a Nutshell

  • everyone: mr smith no
  • mr smith: mr smith yes
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